Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Many of us make getting organized a New Years resolution. This can be a daunting task as we can really accumulate a lot as days turn into years. It can be defeating to think of everything you must declutter and organize.

But, you might want to look east for some help. The Japanese have to live in small spaces. As a result, clutter isn’t really an option. And decluttering guru Marie Kondo has really helped people change their lives.

Kondo’s decluttering method is simple. Go through everything and decide what “sparks joy.” Then toss out everything else. We hang onto a lot of things and frankly, we don’t need most of them! This can still be a shocking task, so Kondo has broken it down into 5 areas.

What is your biggest obstacle in decluttering? Please share your tips!

H/T: Everup

While some evidence claims a messy desk helps creativity, you also need some structure.

Toss all the napkins, remaining food and cups into the garbage can. And leave the messy part of the desk to magazines or books that will “spark joy” and help you tap into your creative side.

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