Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Last week, we reported that former Bill Clinton mistress Sally Miller had broken her silence to reveal that she had suffered years of abuse and harassment from Hillary Clinton in order to intimidate her into staying quiet about her affair.

After finally telling the world her secret, Miller is reportedly in fear of her life due to the infamous Clinton body count. Over the years, an unusual amount of people close to the Clintons have perished under mysterious circumstances, many of which occurred after they wronged the couple in some way.

According to Q Political, Miller is terrified for her life after she announced she is working on a tell-all book about her affair with Bill Clinton. She is now trying to make sure that everyone knows that she has no plans of committing suicide ever, and that if she ever dies mysteriously, the police should look straight at Hillary Clinton.

In order to protect Miller, we’ve included the entire letter she wrote about the ordeal Hillary put her through. After reading this, you’ll see that Hillary Clinton should never get anywhere near the White House…

In 1992, my life changed forever. Without warning, I was bombarded with deception from every angle. There were those intent on destroying me….who seemed like regular human beings…who acted friendly, like sincere people but were, as an FBI Agent advised “….only out to get you. Don’t trust anyone.”
Hilary once said “Bill will only lose this race over my dead body!” Her not so subtle reference to death really meant “over the bodies of anyone/everyone who gets in my way!” It was clear: Hillary was manning the bull-dozer that would clear the way for Bill Clinton to be the next President of the United States. In my case, Hillary’s plan was to beat me down so I’d lose everything. Then traumatized, penniless, hopeless, and depressed…I would kill myself.
Timing is everything. Unaware of my crisis—China threw me a lifeline. I quickly accepted the Chinese Government’s offer to teach at their Broadcasting Institute. Within 48 hours, an Air China flight was transporting me to safety in Communist China.

Today, the past is repeating itself, only this time….Hillary is the Clinton, determined to be America’s next President. You’d think after so many close-calls in the early-nineties, I would never again let anyone or anything sneak up on me but, over time– my worst fears vanished; eventually I stopped looking over my shoulder and under the bed but now…the Clintons are back! Hillary is on-stage again…and I fear a repeat performance.

The signs are evident— I’m being followed. I’m being inundated with Facebook requests from young, handsome men in search of an older woman, and my phone rings with numbers listed as “unknown.” No messages, only more” unknown” phone calls. For no reason, a writer and neighbor who never so much as waved in the 8 years I’ve lived here… wants to be my friend, visit me, come into my house and share her writing tips. Now, on my early morning visits to the doggie park, men driving trucks with dark windows, stop to ask directions. Recently I watched two men video-taping the area and they laughingly pointed their camera in my direction. Today, looking out my window, I noted two cars driving slowing by my house. In a few minutes they returned to drive past again. The drivers were hidden behind dark windows. True, my house is for sale but in my neighborhood— two cars driving past my house at the same time— constitutes a traffic jam. Small signals but, remembering the past with its crazy—and deadly—coincidences, I have every reason to be concerned— all over again.

The Clinton Camp is using their old Play Book. Why change when their plan-of-intimidation proved successful in the past. Armed with limitless resources and massive teamwork, Hillary is determined to be President. Right now, she considers me a threat because of my writing. She doesn’t care if I discuss my affair with Bill—that’s old news. She wants to make certain I don’t write about her actions—-how she paid professionals to stalk me, frighten and threaten me, and, ultimately, “finish me off.”

There was a time I contemplated suicide. It’s no secret…. after being labeled a Bimbo; being relentlessly attacked by Hillary and her professional henchmen; after losing jobs, all sources of income, and finally having my daughters reject me… I lost the will to live. It was only when I saved the life of my now best friend— Cubby Dog— I realized my self-worth.
In this election year, if you read I died….by committing suicide….don’t believe it.

Sally Miller

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