Monday, January 18, 2016

Cheryl Prudham is a 33 year-old mother of 12 who claims a whopping £40,000-a-year in benefits in her native United Kingdom. Recently, she caused national outrage when she announced plans to use £4,000 in tax dollars for a boob job to bring her up to a D cup.

Cheryl & Robert Prudham and baby
Cheryl & Robert Prudham and baby

According to Daily Mail, Prudham has previously stirred outrage by bragging that she feels no guilt for claiming so much in tax dollars to support her enormous family. Following the birth of her 12th child last summer, Prudham began telling friends that she is tired of having “saggy” breasts, saying she wants to model her new ones after model Katie Price.

“Cheryl can’t wait to have her boobs done and wants them modelled on Katie’s. She doesn’t feel very sexy after 12 children and has always admired Katie for her lovely feminine figure,” a source said. “Cheryl has been joking she’ll be the Katie Price of Skelmersdale and is delighted she’s managed to get the op pretty much for free.”


Prudham and her family, who live in a five bedroom home, whine that they have faced verbal abuse and harassment for spending tax dollars on extravagant vacations.

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