Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Kelly McGuire was leaving a Chicago Bears game when she noticed something. While running to get to her train, Kelly saw a homeless woman with a sign asking for help. She needed warm clothes and boots.

Kelly was dressed in many layers that day as the high was 30 degrees. She couldn’t imagine being out in that weather without proper attire. So, she returned to where the lady was and gave her the boots she was wearing. She also gave her a bag of clothes with the extra layers she had removed after the game.

Kelly was going to return home in just her socks, but then Amy, who owned so little, offered Kelly her own boots.

Kelly discussed this experience on Ellen. But, Kelly wanted to keep the focus on Amy’s gesture of kindness rather than her own. Kelly could easily replenish what she gave, but Amy had nothing else.



It’s heartbreaking to think of homeless people out in this weather. In Cleveland, a police officer made a similar gesture. He was called to take a homeless man out of a building.

The police officer gave the man his own boots. And he finished his shift in the cold without any boots.


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H/T: God Vine

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