Monday, January 18, 2016

We’ve all the urge to go when there isn’t a bathroom in sight. It’s uncomfortable and can send you into panic mode, especially if you are in public.

But, doctors warn that you are causing your body harm by holding it in. Years of holding in your pee too long can cause urinary tract infections and urinary retention which cause you to not be able to fully drain your bladder.

Many of us worry that if we have to go too badly that our bladder would burst, but that is incredibly rare. It would only happen if you had a pre-existing condition. Otherwise, your bladder would just empty itself rather than rupturing.

This is a struggle we all have been down with. What do you do when you’re stuck in this situation?

H/T: Metro UK

See what happened to this poker player in the video below when he let it flow rather than get up…

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