Thursday, January 28, 2016

Hillary Clinton has somehow managed to avoid jail time over the last few months despite the fact that a growing number of criminal evidence against her has been unearthed as part of the Benghazi investigation.

Though she was hoping the investigation would just go away, officials with the FBI have just revealed that they won’t be slowing down anytime soon, even though they’re already six months in.

“I don’t know that there’s any magical cutoff date,” said Ron Hosko, the FBI’s former assistant director of the criminal investigative division and a 30-year veteran of the bureau.

Democrats are becoming increasingly anxious about the investigation, as they know their frontrunner could be taken off to jail at any time.

“It does give pause to Democrats who are concerned that there may be another shoe to drop down the road,” said Andrew Smith, a political science professor at the University of New Hampshire.

According to The Hill, the investigation against Hillary began in July, when the inspector general for the intelligence community issued a security referral about the possibility that classified information on Hillary’s server was mishandled. Scrutiny of Hillary’s emails has only mounted since then.

Back in December, FBI Director James Comey promised that the investigation into Hillary would be “competent,” “honest” and “independent.”

“We don’t give a rip about politics,” he told a Senate committee.

However, the FBI is definitely aware that the stakes of their investigation couldn’t be higher.

“I think the clock ticks louder every day,” said Hosko, who is the president of the Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund. “I’m sure they’re all incredibly sensitive to it.”

We can only hope that this investigation ends with Hillary’s arrest. SHARE this story if you think she should be in jail!

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