Monday, January 25, 2016

Hillary Clinton is more desperate to get to the White House than anyone else, but something happened during one of her speeches on Monday that put her campaign in jeopardy.

Conservatives have pointed out that Hillary is turning 69 this year, and that doctors have said her health isn’t nearly as good as she pretends that it is. Though she has always denied any kind of illness, what happened today certainly suggests that there’s something she’s not telling us.

According to Breitbart, Hillary suffered a coughing fit that lasted for over a minute during a Jewish Federation campaign stop in Iowa.

Hillary has faced questions about her health ever since she suffered a concussion in 2012. Since then, she takes a blood thinner medication and daily thyroid pills to treat it. She also suffers from hypertension, commonly caused by an underactive thyroid, which has a profoundly negative affect on her energy levels.

“To this day, Hillary still suffers from many of the troubling symptoms that I wrote about in Unlikeable: blinding headaches, exhaustion, insomnia, and a tremor in her hands. As a precaution against the spectacle of fainting in public, which could easily doom her candidacy, Hillary now travels with a personal physician on all her major campaign trips,” wrote journalist and author Ed Klein.

“Tension headaches continue to plague her and often make it hard for her to maintain her grueling schedule. Her closest aide, Huma Abedin, confessed in an e-mail that Hillary is easily “confused”; Huma frequently orders campaign aides to alter Hillary’s schedule at the last moment so the candidate can catch her breath and take out time for naps,” Klein wrote.

What happened today certainly suggested that Hillary is keeping a major health problem a secret. It wouldn’t be the first time she has lied to the American people for her own personal gain…

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