Thursday, January 28, 2016

Hillary Clinton may be the Democratic presidential frontrunner, but bombshell audio footage has just leaked that could destroy her presidential chances forever.

According to Conservative Tribune, new audio from the Washington Free Beacon may have finally caught former President Bill Clinton admitting to committing various felonies. Specifically, these felonies include vote buying and bribery during his time in Arkansas state politics.

Though the statute of limitations has long past on these crimes, the footage makes it clear that the Clintons are criminals who should never be allowed to set foot in the White House again.

The audio tapes were reportedly recorded by Clinton biographer Taylor Branch in July of 1997, when Clinton stopped by the funeral of Arkansas political operative Hilary Jones.

“Hilary Jones used to make him laugh until he cried with stories of how they competed in buying votes,” Branch said.

“In a tiny little county like that with only a weekly newspaper and no radio station, they were spending $30,000, each party, in elections,” Branch continued, adding that money was spent “buying and competing over votes amongst old bootleggers and people like that.”

Jones reportedly was so good at the bribery that he could tell the vote counts before they became public.

“Jones looked at the vote and said, ‘Smith double-crossed us,’” Clinton said in the tapes. “The vote was 57-20. It was supposed to be 60-17. The three Smiths took our money and must have voted the other way.”

When Jones went to the Smith home and demanded their bribe money back, the family quickly relented.

“That’s the way they did politics up there,” Clinton said.

This footage proves once and for all that the Clintons should be in jail! SHARE this story so we can spread this and hope that it DESTROYS Hillary’s presidential dreams forever!

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