Tuesday, January 12, 2016

We need a tape measure for almost every project. I use mine all the time, but I had no idea that there were tools and features built into the tape measure.

Leah of “See Jane Drill” worked as a tradesman for 20 years before becoming a trades teacher. And she shares her tips on YouTube. Her video about tape measures really is helpful.

She shows 4 tape measure tricks in the video below. The first one is that each measure has a nail or screw grab feature. And that serrated part on the measure isn’t for design, but it’s there so you can mark your work.

Did you know about all 4 of these features in her video? Are there any that you can add?

H/T: American Overlook

Check out the video below — it’s about a DIY class that teaches you how to use power tools! You might be able to find one in your location as well.

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