Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Vice President Joe Biden just said something about GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump that is sure to make Obama angry…

While appearing on the Today Show, Biden said that he sees Trump as a very serious presidential candidate. In fact, he believes Trump can win:

“Yes, I think it’s possible [that Donald Trump could win],” Biden told Savannah Guthrie during TODAY’s live broadcast from the White House on Tuesday when asked whether he could imagine Trump taking the Oval Office.

“I hope that if that were to occur — I hope it doesn’t because I have fundamentally different views than he does — I’d hope that he gets a lot more serious about the issues, a lot more serious about gaining knowledge about this this nation functions and foreign policy and domestic policy…

For once, I actually agree with Biden on something!

Trump’s message about making America great again has resonated with Americans from all walks of life — especially after suffering through eight years of Obama.

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