Friday, January 29, 2016

Saturday Night Live alum David Spade waded into the political waters when he dared to criticize President Obama to TMZ. The best humor has some truth to it, so that’s why Spade’s comments seem to have stung liberals so hard.

He doesn’t think it’s Presidential to be on reality shows and notes Michelle Obama is on “Ellen” more than he is.


Bill O’Reilly had Spade on as a guest to discuss these comments. The interview is pretty interesting. O’Reilly pointed out that a number of SNL alums are bucking the Hollywood liberal trends by voicing some conservative beliefs. Dennis Miller, Colin Quinn, Victoria Jackson, Norm MacDonald, Jon Lovitz, and Jay Mohr are among them.

Spade said that his mom pointed out that when you are young, you tend to be on the left side of the spectrum but as you age, you want to know where your money is going, so you drift to the right.

Spade didn’t commit to being a Republican, but rather said that he is somewhere in the middle.

Even being a moderate in Hollywood can be seen as being a right wing nut job.

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H/T: Conservative Tribune

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