Tuesday, January 19, 2016

You never know what goes on in your house when you aren’t there. After installing a security camera, an Indian husband got the shock of his life when he witnessed what his wife was doing when he wasn’t at home. After the video went viral, his wife is in some trouble that will completely change her life.

Sandeep Jain set up a video camera in his home because he was concerned. There had been a lot of fighting between him, his wife Sangeeta Jain and his 70-year-old mother Raj Rani Jain. He wasn’t feeling as if he could trust his wife. His instincts were right and the surveillance camera may have saved his mother’s life.

But, he probably never expected to see his wife choking and mercilessly beating his mother. The video shows the woman viciously attacking her mother-in-law. Sangeeta used a cloth to try to strangle her husband’s mother. When that didn’t work, the daughter-in-law began hitting her in the head with a stone or a brick.

The mother-in-law clung to her quilt for dear life as her daughter-in-law hit, choked and tried to strangle her.


Sangeeta had no idea she was being filmed. She claimed it was a fake video produced by her husband and in-laws to ruin her life. “They made this fake video to ruin me. They beat me so many times…there is no video of that,” she said.

“She came out of the kitchen and started slapping me.  She also started to beat me with bricks…I do not know why she does it,” said the mother-in-law as her head was wrapped in bandages.

After local police saw the video, they arrested Sandeep on attempted murder charges. The couple has been married for seven years.

How would you react if you saw someone beating your mom?

Source: NDTV

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