Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The feud between GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump and Fox News heated up this week when The Donald announced on that he will not be attending the next debate on Thursday due to the fact that Megyn Kelly is set to moderate it.

Kelly was hosting her show on Tuesday night on live television when she found out that Trump had dropped out of her debate. Ironically, she was in the process of talking about Trump’s objections to her moderating the debate and the controversy surrounding it.

“This controversy debates back to Aug. 6 and the very first Republican debate, co-moderated by yours truly. Mr. Trump took issue with this question that I posed to him,” Kelly said as she played the infamous clip of herself asking Trump about the way he treats women.

“In the months since, Mr. Trump has repeatedly brought up that exchange as evidence of alleged bias on my part. I maintain it was a tough but fair question and we agreed to disagree,” she continued, according to Western Journalism. “This past weekend, Mr. Trump resumed his complaints about yours truly, arguing that Fox News chief Roger Ailes should ban me from the debate this Thursday. Fox News had announced back in August that Bret Baier, Chris Wallace, and I would be the moderators of this next debate.”

“Mr. Trump’s complaints continued through the week, ultimately resulting in a video today he posted to Instagram hitting this issue again,” she added. “Fox News responded and we’ll get to all of that in a moment. As the front-runner, he was scheduled to be front and center on Thursday night, when Fox News hosts the Republican debate in Iowa. Now he says he will not show.”

After she thought about it for a few minutes, Kelly gave a unique theory as to why she thinks Trump is out of the debate.

“What’s interesting is here is Trump is not used to not controlling things as the chief executive of a large organization. But the truth is, he doesn’t get to control the media, and while he’s made his position clear about me after that first debate, Roger Ailes made his position clear, too,” she said. “And you know when Trump started it up again this past Saturday and resumed it again and again and again, he was told repeatedly our debate team is settled and then came that Instagram video he put out today, followed by the company’s statements.”

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