Monday, January 25, 2016

Bridget Stevens arrived home to a cold house. She was a bit stressed since her husband is on a deployment with the National Guard and she is the only one caring for their children.

She found a sticker on the furnace with the number for Betlyn Heating and Cooling. She was concerned about the cost of an after hours call, but she couldn’t have a cold house for her kids.

Paul Betlyn answered the call and came out to her house. The owner of the company recently had a knee replacement and isn’t supposed to be making calls, but he didn’t want Bridget and her kids cold. While he was servicing the furnace, Bridget told him that her husband would have likely been able to handle this, but he is deployed.

When Betlyn handed Bridget the bill, she was surprised to see that she was being given a deployment discount and the call only cost her $1.

Watch the video to hear about the kind gesture and Betlyn’s gratitude for our veterans.

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H/T: SF Globe

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