Thursday, January 28, 2016

Throughout her husband’s hugely successful presidential campaign, Melania Trump has stayed relatively out of the spotlight: until now.

This week, Melania gave an interview to Us Weekly for their cover, giving the public a chance to get to know her. Here are ten of the best details we learned from Melania in the interview, as compiled by Vanity Fair.

  1. Her favorite show is the hit ABC drama How To Get Away With Murder, a mystery/thriller produced by Shonda Rhimes and starring Viola Davis.
  2. The Trumps never text, as Melania says  “My husband doesn’t text . . . It’s always phone calls. I like that because you hear the voice the old-fashioned way.”
  3. Despite what liberals may say, Melania spends way more time on her hair than her husband does. “For a woman, it’s much more, especially when you have long hair,” she said, adding that while she cut her husband’s hair in the past, she does “not anymore.”
  4. She hates talking about politics publicly, and refused to throughout the interview no matter how much she was pushed. “I don’t discuss politics. That’s my husband’s job,” she said. “I leave that to him. . . . I’m very political. I’m not political in public, I’m political at home.”
  5. She also hates talking about Michelle Obama. When she was asked if she admires the current First Lady, Melania emphatically responded, “I don’t want to talk about that.”
  6. She has only voted in America twice. Melanie voted for McCain in 2008, and then Romney in 2012.
  7. Melania’s first date with Trump was at “Moomba in New York City,” a popular restaurant where the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio used to hang out. The eatery closed back in 2001.
  8. Trump proposed to Melania in 2004 on the night of the Costume Institute Gala. “We were both ready to go out [to the gala], and he proposed,” she recounted.
  9. When asked to name her favorite quality about her husband, she had a hard time finding an answer.  “His brain, his looks—it’s everything together,” she finally replied.
  10. The interview ended with Melania being asked if she’s the kind of wife who “doesn’t like to nag.” She responded that she hates nagging, saying “I’ve always been that way. I take people the way they are. You could work all your life to change them and they never will. What’s the point? They need to be who they are.”

Find out more about Melania in the video below!

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