Thursday, January 7, 2016

Rory Feek posted an update on his wife Joey regarding the roller coaster of a Christmas the family had.

Joey wanted to so badly to enjoy one more Christmas and that wish was granted. But, she also experienced a bout of sadness, fear and anger.

The holidays are a time to celebrate, but they can also make our hearts heavy. Heavy from memories of past Christmases and in Joey’s case, heavy knowing she may not physically be there with her family to celebrate Jesus’s birth next year.

Obviously, fear of the unknown is a part of dying. Not only for yourself but when you are a mother, there is fear for your children and your spouse.

Rory said that Joey also had some anger. Anger, not at God, but rather at the situation. But, those emotions have been tempered by a special friend who visits her very regularly to bring her peace and comfort.

Bill Gaither is a world renowned gospel songwriter and artist. And he lives in Joey’s hometown of Alexandria, Indiana. Bill’s visits bring peace to Joey as he makes her laugh and takes her mind off her worries and struggle.

But, Bill did something so special for Joey that it has really helped bring her some light while riding this roller coaster.

A week before Christmas, the Feeks saw a bonfire on the other side of the pond. They were admiring it when Bill called and directed them to look out their window. Of course, they had already seen it. Bill had built a big fire for Joey to enjoy. And as the fire danced, so did Joey’s heart.


Rory reports that Bill has been such a blessing to his family. His almost daily visits are something Joey looks forward to. He has really helped restore her light.


“That’s the thing about someone burning with passion – the whole world can see their light. They have something that shines so bright inside them, others can’t help but notice it in their eyes and on their faces and in their actions. They use their lives to provide some light in a dark world that can be overwhelming and scary at times.
Bill has sure shined his light on us.”

We all should be so lucky to have friends like Bill who find ways to lighten our loads and encourage us.

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H/T: This Life I Live

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