Wednesday, January 27, 2016

GOP presidential front runner Donald Trump says he will not be participating in the Fox News debate this Thursday because Megyn Kelly will be a moderator. In Trump’s view, Kelly was not fair with her questions to him last time around when she pressed him on how he talks to women.

In response to Trump’s decision, rival Ted Cruz has issued him a challenge. Cruz is requesting that Trump accept an invitation to a one-on-one debate.

Such a debate would be entertaining, and could make sense given that both candidates are the two front runners.

Here’s what Cruz Tweeted this morning:

On his website, Cruz wrote, “If Donald Trump is afraid of Megyn Kelly, then Ted Cruz is willing to debate “Ducking Donald” one-on-one. Ted Cruz is willing to stand up and defend his record, anytime, any place. Why isn’t Ducking Donald?”

Do you think Trump should accept Cruz’s challenge? Who is your candidate of choice?

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