Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Popular Los Angeles reporter Mary Beth McDade was nearly attacked on live TV last night while reporting on the death of David Bowie.

According to Daily Mail, KTLA’s McDade was reporting about fans mourning the death of Bowie at his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame at 10:07 pm when the unthinkable happened.

When the footage of McDade opens, a man in a grey hooded sweatshirt can be seen smiling behind her. The thug then begins to approach McDade without her knowledge as she talks to the anchors in the studio.

“Rick and Cher, you know, he was known for breaking down barriers, and…” McDade says seconds before she begins screaming as the camera pans away. The thug was captured running towards McDade and grabbing her before the camera suddenly cut away.

McDade later said the man made a lewd sexual remark as he brushed up against her. Los Angeles Police Department spokesman Officer Mike Lopez said afterwards that the incident is not considered to be an “attack,” and that nobody was injured. Lopez added that police are treating this as a disturbance of the peace and that they are still searching for the suspect, who fled the scene.

“Hi!! Thank you all for your concern!! :) I am alright!,” McDade wrote on Instagram afterwards. “And thank u #lapd for taking a report & trying to catch the guy.”

We’re glad McDade was able to walk away from this incident uninjured!

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