Wednesday, January 20, 2016

In this video, a cocky young thug learns the hard way that crime does not pay.

According to, Alexander Calloway and his two cousins were trying to enter a Houston convenience store around 3:30am one night, but it was locked. Enraged, Calloway began arguing with Akrem Azzam through the bulletproof exterior counter.

Eventually, Azzam unlocked the door so that he could speak to Calloway face to face, and that’s when things got ugly.

Surveillance footage shows Calloway punch Azzam in the face, not knowing that the clerk was holding a handgun. It was then that Azzam pulled out his weapon and shot him in the belly. Calloway was rushed to the hospital by his cousins, and he was admitted in critical condition.

Azzam told police that after the shooting, one of Calloway’s cousins opened fire through the security window, but thankfully the clerk was not hit. The cousin has since been arrested and is facing aggravated assault charges. Much to the outrage of the community, however, police have not arrested Azzam, saying that he acted in self-defense.

“[Azzam] got the gun and came outside because he was looking for a confrontation,” whined race-baiting activist Quanell X. “I don’t understand why the Houston Police Department did not arrest this store clerk. I don’t understand why the Houston Police Department does not have him locked up in jail right now.”

Though the community is outraged, this video footage certainly proves that the clerk did indeed act in self-defense. If young thugs don’t want to get shot, they might not want to attack potentially armed store clerks at random!

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