Friday, January 8, 2016

A Psychology Today article addresses the belief that we have a sixth sense – intuition. And Dr. Eric Haseltine reports that people who don’t trust their intuition often have low self esteem.

That gut feeling you get that something isn’t right is something that you should listen to. I know as a mom, this often comes in handy by alerting me to when something is bothering my children but they aren’t telling me.

Sometimes we know things without actually knowing them. And this doesn’t mean we are psychic, but that we are unconsciously picking up signals from someone without thinking about it. It’s a built in alert system.

We also can get a gut feeling about someone when we are in public. Maybe we just really don’t feel comfortable when a certain stranger approaches us on the street. Listen to that feeling. Be on alert.

The video below from Personal Defense Net has a very good message about how our safety is much more important than worrying about the perception that we might hurt someone’s feelings if we ask them to back away from us.

Trust your gut. It’s your sixth sense.

Have you had an experience in which you trusted your instincts? Were you right? 

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