Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Trends on social media are always changing. This is one I never expected, but times change.

Women in China are participating in the Underboob Pen Challenge where they demonstrate their ability to hold a pen under their breast. Some women have upped this challenge and are putting makeup brushes and larger items there to showcase their assets.


The Mirror reported on this story:

“The trend is apparently all about proving you’re a ‘true woman’ (whatever that means) by posting a photograph of your breasts holding up a pen. It’s a simple idea. Lift up your top, put a pen or pencil under your breast and if it is held in place, you’re a ‘true’ woman. Snap a selfie and post it on social media. Some have even taken it a step further, experimenting with make-up brushes and bottles. It’s similar to the #holdacokewithyourboob challenge which saw hundreds of women tricked into posting topless snaps. Pictures have already been shared millions of times across social media channels by users, often accompanied by the caption: “Pass the challenge to prove you’re a true woman.”As with many other viral trends, it seems to really just be another way to show off your physique, following in the footsteps of the craze of reaching around your back to touch your belly button. The trend has caused some debate, with some users complaining that some have an “unfair advantage” in being granted large breasts as a result of genetics. So for those of us who aren’t so well-endowed in the chest department, our womanhood is being called into question.”


China seems to be on the forefront of unusual social media trends. Be sure to check out the video below of the belly button challenge that was all the rage in China — did you hear about it?

What is your opinion of these trends?

H/T: The Funny Beaver

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