Friday, January 29, 2016

Australians have rallied to help koalas and kangaroos injured in an Adelaide Hills bushfire. Volunteers made mittens for the burned hands and feet of koalas. Kangaroos also have their wounded limbs bandaged.

There were many displaced joeys and wallabies in need of pouches. So people donated pouches for them to be comforted in as they recover. They are being rehabilitated at the Adelaide Zoo.

“The cases we’re dealing with require around-the-clock care treating sores and blisters, removing dead skin and cleaning and dressing burns to feet, tails, claws and ears to avoid infection,” zoo vet David McLelland said.

They expect the animals to be released back into the wild after they are healed. Volunteers are also sewing pouch liners as a joey can use up to six liners in a day. It is so heartwarming to see people step up for these animals in need!

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