Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Hillary Clinton was asked by a voter if she would consider appointing Barack Obama to the Supreme Court if she is to become the next President.

You can see the wheels in her head turning when given this question. She LOVES the idea. She probably sees it as an opportunity to woo those loyal Obama lemmings that see Hillary as being too old school.

You can see the manipulation in her eyes when she answers the question.

Obama’s legacy is in question. He’s staked a lot in his unilateral executive actions on immigration. He thumbed his nose at the balance of powers laid out in the Constitution and completely bypassed Congress to get what he wants.

The Supreme Court will be hearing a challenge to these strong handed and likely illegal tactics by Obama to get his ways. The video below lays that out.

He would possibly be deciding on cases that directly involve his White House decisions. William Howard Taft is the only President to have served on Supreme Court, but there was a gap of 7 years in between.

What is your opinion of Barack Obama becoming a Supreme Court Justice after his presidency?

H/T: Allen West Republic

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