Friday, January 22, 2016

The Honolulu Police Department dropped a bombshell this week when they revealed they spent $341,000 in overtime costs just to protect Barack Obama and his family during their annual lavish winter getaway.

Though Obama has spent every Christmas in Hawaii since 2008, the police department said  this trip was the most costly for them by far.

According to Daily Mail, the vacation lasted 16 days, and the Obamas made no effort to make things easy for the police during that time. They were often spotted going out for shave ice and fancy dinners, and also climbing the Koko Head Crater Staircase.

Then there were the golf games, of course. Obama was out on the golf course nearly everyday of the trip, and he spent New Years Day golfing with friends at a golf course in Kailua, about thirty minutes from downtown Hawaii.

Imagine how the cops felt working overtime on New Years to watch the president play golf…

We’re sure that the fact that they were inconveniencing police officers only added to the Obama family’s fun during the trip. They love making life as difficult as they can for our nation’s police officers, and they accomplished this goal once again with this trip!

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