Thursday, January 21, 2016

Hillary Clinton seems to live in her own world. She acts as if she is entitled to be the next President simply because she has a uterus and is Bill Clinton’s wife. She doesn’t claim responsibility for any of her many errors, rather deflecting the blame to people who don’t support her White House bid.

She took her excuse to a new level while being interviewed by CNN’s Jake Tapper. He asked the former First Lady if she had seen “13 Hours” yet. It’s a movie based upon the events in Benghazi where our Ambassador and others were killed under Hillary’s watch as Secretary of State. Her excuse is embarrassing.

Sporting a smirk she said she can’t see the movie because she’s “too busy campaigning.” 


What an awful excuse, especially since the terrorism at Benghazi was covered up because they were too busy getting Barack Obama re-elected a few weeks later. They blamed this tragic event on a filmmaker instead of pinning it to Hillary Clinton and the Obama Administration. If the truth got out, it would have impacted the 2012 election.

And she doesn’t want this film to impact her election either. 

A trailer for the movie is below. After watching it, you can see that it could definitely be a roadblock for Hillary if enough people watch it.


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H/T: Red State

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