Thursday, February 11, 2016

Libby was an unwanted dog. Katie and Andy Newitt found the Belgian Malinois at an abandoned warehouse. Her microchip led them to Libby’s owners, but they said they didn’t want her anymore.

The Newitts name her Liberty, Libby for short, because they found her on September 11th. But, Liberty wasn’t a good match with their other dogs, so they started looking for rescue for her.

All the dog shelters were full, so they asked Pat Deshong, president of the Furry Friends Adoption and Clinic, if she could help. Knowing that Belgian Maliois are very smart and friendly dogs, Pat knew that Libby would be a great candidate to be a service dog for a veteran.

That led them to Mike Lorraine, a professional dog trainer. He will be working with Libby for the next year to prepare her for her new life assisting a veteran. Lorraine said, “It’s fantastic. It changes the guys’ lives. We have so many guys who won’t go out of the house until they get their service dogs, and then they’re out training their dogs every day.”

Libby will go from being a discarded and unwanted dog to giving a veteran a new chance at life. What a terrific new beginning for both of them!

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