Thursday, February 4, 2016

Paula Jones nearly ended Bill Clinton’s Presidency with her sexual harassment lawsuit. Jones accused Clinton of propositioning her and exposing himself when he was the Governor of Arkansas and she was a state employee. And she’s back today to speak out about why the Clintons shouldn’t return to the White House.

Jones is irritated that Bill Clinton is out on the campaign trail with Hillary. Hillary’s main platform is that she is a woman and we need a woman President. But, she and Bill don’t have a good history with women. They both look to discard women after Bill is through using them. And Jones finds it hypocritical and disgusting that the Clintons aren’t being challenged about this on the campaign trail.

“I can’t believe he’s got the nerve to do it,” Jones told Inside Edition. “I can’t believe he’s still going out there and showing his face. How can you go out there and talk to people like nothing has happened?”

Jones can’t believe that Hillary is being propped up as someone who is good for women when she constantly defends her husband’s actions against women. “That just makes me sick. She can’t be trusted,” Jones said. “I don’t see how they can believe that she is for women. She is for herself.” She also said that while Hillary isn’t responsible for Bill’s crimes, “she is responsible for the cover up.”

Expect to hear more from Paula Jones during the 2016 election.

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H/T: Inside Edition


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