Monday, February 22, 2016

Ohio Governor John Kasich is known for putting his foot in his mouth when he goes off script. And today on social media, the presidential hopeful is being panned for a stupid comment he made about women.

Kasich was speaking about his first election for Congress. He said he wasn’t known then and was dependent upon volunteer help. In the politically correct world we live in, Kasich said something that may have been the death blow to his failing campaign.

“We just got an army of people who, um, and many women, who left their kitchens to go out and go door-to-door and to put yard signs up for me,” Kasich said.

What an incredibly stupid thing to say when you are running for president. Every word that comes out of his mouth will be scrutinized. And now, it’s as if he’s asking women to make him a sammich.

Kasich has played right into the hands of the left with this comment. They have been painting Republicans as waging a War on Women.

So, if Kasich somehow lands on the GOP ticket, this will be highlighted in many commercials, just like Mitt Romney’s “binders full of women comment” was a blow to his campaign.

The Ohio Governor is pretending to be a cheerful conservative on the campaign trail, though his record is anything but. He went around the legislature to bring Obamacare’s Medicaid Expansion to Ohio. He’s also known for being vindictive and spiteful, much like Obama.

The Republican electorate isn’t necessarily offended by Kasich’s comments, but it highlights a serious problem with the Ohio Governor, who previously called a police officer an idiot several times. He has put his foot in his mouth a lot.

A woman in Kasich’s audience corrected his kitchen comment. She obviously wasn’t a fan of it and she’s a supporter of his. He didn’t even seem to be aware that some might find this offensive.

Watch the video below and tell us what you think about Kasich. Did his comment cross the line?

H/T: Weekly Standard

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