Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Over half the states in this country have just come together to defy Obama by requesting relief from an Environmental Protection Agency order that requires them to reduce their carbon dioxide emissions by 32 percent.

According to Conservative Tribune, the states have asked the Supreme Court to stay the requirement pending the lawsuit against it because it would do “irreparable harm” to them.

According to The Hill, Obama’s attorneys have responded by saying that the states have plenty of time to comply, arguing that the states aren’t required to submit compliance plans until 2018 and aren’t required to make any changes until 2022.

“The relief that applicants request would be extraordinary and unprecedented, and their applications should be denied,” Solicitor General David Verrilli argued in favor of the EPA rule and against the states.

The states replied by saying that if the order is found to be illegal or impossible, as they hope it is, the steps taken in order to get them to comply could cause major damage.

Whether or not the rule will be halted for legal review will be decided by U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts, who will decide if he thinks the matter should be brought before the full Supreme Court.

Should Obama’s plan go through, the financial repercussions will be devastating, as even more tax money will be spent to fund wasteful programs to encourage and financially back failed solar and wind companies.

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