Friday, February 26, 2016

Hillary Clinton has now been caught in yet another crime pertaining to her personal emails, and this one might just put her in jail.

New details have emerged about how Hillary used her private email server to ensure Clinton Foundation donors were given special treatment during her time as Secretary of State. Private correspondences from the Overseas Private Investment Corporation (a federal agency connected to the State Department) have revealed a 2010 memo informing a Clinton Foundation donor that government resources would be steered towards a project of his in Haiti.

According to The Political Insider, Miami businessman Claudio Osorio wrote in the proposal that his company InnoVida would build homes on the island using low-cost proprietary panels. Lynn Tabernacki, OPIC’s renewable energy director, wrote in the memo that InnoVida had “U.S. persons of political influence that are able to assist in advancing the company’s plans.”

“For instance, former President Bill Clinton is personally in contact with the Company to organize its logistical and support needs,” wrote Tabernacki. “Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has made available State Department resources to assist with logistical arrangements.”

On top of that, the Clinton Global Initiative had “indicated that it would be willing to contract to purchase 6,500 homes in Haiti from InnoVida within the next year.”

Though it was not stated in the memo, OPIC officials were aware that Osorio had a prior relationship with the Clintons. Just days earlier, Osorio had shown Tabernacki footage of Bill Clinton speaking at his home in 2007 during a fundraiser for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign that he hosted himself.

Osorio was also a proud Clinton Foundation donor who gave between $10,000 and $50,000 to the organization.

Just 24 hours after the memo was sent, OPIC approved a $10 million loan to Osorio’s company. However, the homes Osorio had discussed were never built, and his company declared bankruptcy a year later while under investigation by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and FBI.

Millions of tax dollars were given to this Clinton Foundation donor, and there was absolutely nothing to show for it. If Hillary could do this as Secretary of State, imagine what she could do as president…

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