Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Rory Feek continues to document his wife Joey’s battle with cancer. In a heartbreaking post that has a lot of symbolism about spring and new life, Rory shares how Joey is planting a garden to provide food for her family later in the year.

Joey loves gardening and this year she is doing it from her hospice bed. Using eggshells, Joey planted seeds that have already begun to sprout. Feeding her family is important to Joey and this is a way of providing them with food after she is gone.


Joey has outlived the expectations of her doctors. She is hoping to be here for her daughter’s second birthday and the Grammy Awards, since they are nominated. But, spring is a long time away to someone who is in the final stages of cancer.

Indiana is experiencing the joy of gardening with her mother. The toddler is engaged and in awe of Joey’s green thumb. Rory realizes that he will need to become the gardener one day, so he’s paying attention and learning from Joey.

Rory ended the post with comments heavy on emotion and the reality of the situation.

It’s hard for me to believe that there will be life after this cold, hard winter… and I think Joey knows that.
So thin and gaunt, and more frail than ever, my wife is sowing her seeds – putting down roots in the soil of our lives and hearts.
Getting us ready for something that we can’t see right now for the tears in our eyes… something she might not even get to see at all.

Spring brings new life. And that message is not lost on Joey and Rory Feek.


H/T: Inquistr

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