Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Candace Cameron Bure is the only conservative voice on The View. True to her Christian upbringing, Candace doesn’t like profanity.

In a discussion regarding Donald Trump using foul language on the stump, Bure said that she doesn’t like to hear profanity on the show. She especially takes exception to the word “bitch.”

Her co-hosts were previously made aware of this and Whoopi Goldberg said that they have been trying not to call her that anymore.

Candace replied, “I still hear it around the table.” Joy Behar tried to justify the use of the word with a joke. She said, “I have yet to call someone a skinny bitch, and they say ‘how dare you call me a skinny bitch?’”

Why are they calling Candace a bitch in the first place?

Perhaps they are jealous about all the buzz surrounding “Fuller House.” Candace will be reprising the role of DJ Tanner in the big hit TV series “Full House.” Fans have been very excited since the show was announced.

Do you agree with Candace about the use of profanity?

H/T: Fox News

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