Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Amber Hughes was having an emergency c-section when she was 30 weeks pregnant. She had been in labor for 36 hours with her fourth child before doctors decided on surgery. Much to her horror, when they cut her open, the doctors couldn’t locate the baby!

After looking for two minutes, they heard a cry. Amber had delivered the baby naturally right before the surgery.

“It was horrific,” said Amber. “I was expecting my bundle of joy to be passed to me, but instead I watched panic spread over doctors’ faces. For two whole minutes they were truly baffled until they heard little cries coming from my lap and pulled up the sheet to find Olly lying in between my legs.”


The Leicester, England mom has to deal with recovering from a useless surgery while having to tend to a preemie and she isn’t happy with the situation. “I didn’t even receive an apology,” she said. “The doctor just explained that my baby had already begun his descent in the birth canal when they cut me open, and it was an odd situation. I now have a visible scar that wasn’t needed, and I’m still recovering from my C-section.”

Given that this was Amber’s fourth baby, he was small because he was premature and that she had an epidural and medication, it is understandable that she didn’t feel the birth. The doctors were focused on Amber’s abdomen and she was covered, so they didn’t see the baby. It was just a perfect storm that led to this unfortunate situation.

How would you react if this happened to you?

H/T: IJ Review

Preemies often have a long road ahead of them until they catch up to their developmental milestones. You can learn about some therapy options to help preemies in the video below.

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