Thursday, February 11, 2016

Dog the Bounty Hunter has a reputation for finding criminals even in the most challenging of circumstances. He even nabbed someone in Mexico and he doesn’t even speak Spanish! And, now Dog is gunning for the head of ISIS.

Dog gets his targets by working with locals. He creates relationships with people who then lead him to the fugitive. He wants to use this same tactic to get ISIS. “If I have the backup of the United States, I’m going,” Dog told Mic. “We are definitely in a war with these guys.”

“The first thing [our team] would do is find out what areas he is in and then we would find people that would be able to talk. We would offer money and things from America,” he said. “We would find out his enemies. Everyone has enemies.

It’s just like with organized crime, street crime, like bikers, you get the leader, they pass it to vice president,” he said. “You have to take the top five of six completely out, like the old Indian saying, cut off the head and the snake dies.”

And he also has an added weapon that he thinks will help flush out the terrorists. “They’re afraid of pigs and pig blood and that stuff as much as we were afraid of AIDS in America back in the ’80s,” he said. “I would use that. I would say to a potential lead, oh you don’t know where they’re at, then you can just drink a glass of that pig’s blood.”

To make the experience even more cringeworthy for the terrorists, Dog suggests using wild American boars. He wants to do this because “they hate hogs and pigs almost as much as they hate Americans.”

Last year, Dog spoke with Fox News briefly about ISIS and the race for the White House. Check out the video below to see which candidate Dog had nice things to say about. It might surprise you.

Would you approve of Dog being sent to the Middle East to hunt ISIS? Please share your thoughts.

H/T: Mic



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