Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Jep and Jessica Robertson are getting some backlash from people upset after viewing their show “Jep and Jessica: Growing The Dynasty.”

The Duck Dynasty spinoff is about Jep and Jessica’s family. They recently adopted an African American infant they named Gus. In a recent episode, they took Jep to get circumcised. And they filmed it.


Circumcision rates have dropped in the past 30 years. In the Robertson’s home state of Louisiana, only 42% of boys are circumcised. Airing this show brought out the outrage brigade.

One critic wrote on the couple’s Facebook page, “Very Christ like to adopt a sweet innocent baby then chop up his genitals and broadcast the horror on television. This family is disgusting and undeserving of that precious gift… I can’t believe you put that poor baby through a procedure that you don’t even know anything about! You’re laughing about it before hand then you can’t even bare to watch! Think of how that poor baby felt as he was being ripped and cut! He was screeching for his “mommy” to help him and she sat there RECORDING his torture! … You are a sick bunch. I can’t believe that horrific video was allowed on television.”

Others came to the Robertson’s defense. Lesson learned that circumcision gets a lot of people angry!

One thing the Robertsons aren’t afraid to speak up about is their adoption story. They told ET that Jessica couldn’t have anymore children for medical reasons so they turned to adoption. And they are considering still growing their family beyond Gus.

What do you think about Jep and Jessica’s decision to air the circumcision? Please share your thoughts.

H/T: The Inquistr

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