Thursday, February 11, 2016

Former Fox 5 anchor Amanda Davis has finally learned her fate after she was arrested for DUI last June.

According to Radio TV Talk, the former anchor received a sentence of one-year probation and 40 hours of community service from the State Court of Cobb County.

This was the third DUI charge for Davis, the first of which she got over 20 years ago. Her second DUI came in 2012, and though it was dismissed, it likely cost her her job at Fox in 2013 after 26 years with the network.

Last year, Davis was hired by CBS 46 as one of several journalists to do “Just A Minute” commentaries. However, she was arrested for the DUI on her first day on the job.

“I observed a Mercedes E350 fail to maintain a single lane of travel on Atlanta Road southbound prior to Cumberland Pkwy.,” the arresting officer wrote in the June 15, 2015 police report. “The driver of the vehicle, Amanda Davis, was placed under arrest for DUI after I conducted an investigation.”

Her commentary never aired, and she chose to take a leave of absence from CBS 46. They have not had her back on since.

“We’re aware of the disposition,” wrote CBS46 news manager Larry Perret. “We’re waiting for Amanda to let us know when she is ready to start her ‘Just A Minute’ segments.”

Davis plead guilty to the DUI under the “less safe” category. Local DUI attorney George Stein explained that this category means “she was under the influence and that she was impaired. They use that count when someone refuses to take a breath test so they have a vehicle to convict based on what the officer observes.”

Davis’s probation requires her to attend DUI school and receive alcohol and drug dependency rehabilitation. We can only hope that she is able to get her life back on track after this wakeup call.

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