Friday, February 19, 2016

Rudi Schlattner fled his homeland of Czechoslovakia when his family and other German nationals were forced out after World War II.

Over 70 years later, Schlattner returned to the home his father built in the 1920’s. The grand home is now a kindergarten. Schlattner’s father had hidden things around the house for safe keeping in case the family returned.


Rudi wasn’t sure anything would have remained since the home had gone through so many renovations. But, then they pulled back some boards in the attic and hit the jackpot.


It was a major discovery! Rudi was thrilled to see his childhood toys and family items again.



Every once in a while, you will hear about hidden treasures found in a home. Check out the video below of a couple who were packing up to move from their Florida home when they discovered a suitcase of service medals and memorabilia, including a flag that belonged to a fallen Vietnam veteran.

The couple tracked down the Gold Star Family and handed over the precious items. You’ll need some Kleenex when you watch this.

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