Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Disturbing video footage shows the moment an angry driver pulled a gun on a motorcyclist in the middle of a Las Vegas road.

According to Daily Mail, the driver said he was “freaking out” and “feeling sick” after the terrifying incident.

It all started when a group of bikers were driving down a Boulder City highway and inadvertently angered the driver of a red pickup truck, who thought they were being “erratic” and were “creating traffic issues.”

After they got into a heated exchange, the biker decided to tap on the driver’s door when they got stopped at a stoplight. The driver responded by pointing a gun at the biker’s head.

“Get the f*** away from the car,” the passenger screamed.

“Why are you guys flipping me off?” the biker said as he tried to stay calm. “I didn’t do nothing.”

“You’re all about to f****** get shot,” the driver responded. “Seriously.”

“Take it easy man,” the biker said. “I didn’t do nothing.”

“Driving round like f****** clowns,” the passenger yelled.

The motorcyclist then said, “So you’re gonna pull your gun out?” to which the driver responded, “I sure the f*** will.'”

The biker then sped away, feeling lucky to be alive.

“I didn’t even realize the guy had his finger on the trigger until I went back and reviewed the video myself,” the biker recounted. “My heart was just racing, my stomach turned, and I was feeling sick. “That’s literally the first time I’ve got up to somebody’s window in traffic like that and it will be the last.”

The pickup driver, however, told reporters he has no regrets.

“Undoubtedly, it startled me and I pulled my gun out and I was prepared for him, and it’s just that simple,” he said.

When asked if he had his hand on the trigger, he replied, “Yes it was, and it was there for a reason. If I had issues I was gonna use it. I have a concealed handgun license, I’ve been trained to use it and I will.”

He concluded by saying he would pull his gun again.

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