Thursday, February 18, 2016

Yesterday, we reported that Jay Leno had risked his career to compare Barack Obama to Bernie Sanders in a hilarious Tweet.

On Wednesday night’s episode of The Tonight Show, Leno went even further when he gave a guest monologue and took the opportunity to annihilate liberals like Hillary Clinton.

According to Newsbusters, Leno began the monologue by saying he’d received his first robocall of the election year from Bill Clinton, who asked Leno if he could count on him to support his wife.

“Count on me? She can’t even count on Bill. Don’t drag me into your marital problems, pal,” Leno quipped.

Leno then moved to Hillary’s email scandal, calling it “an honest mistake” but also wondering if anyone in the audience “ever notice[d] the only time people in Washington are honest is when they make a mistake?”

“Plus, Hillary says she has been tested. Well, I hope so. You never know what Bill might bring home. Sheesh,” Leno continued.

Liberals are furious that Leno dared to make fun of Hillary, but we think he was hilarious! SHARE this story if you support Jay Leno!

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