Friday, February 19, 2016

Immediately after Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia’s sudden death last Saturday, Obama immediately proclaimed that he will be naming another justice before he leaves office. A newly-surfaced interview of Scalia’s, however, could destroy Obama’s plans to do this forever.

In a 2012 CSPAN interview, Scalia revealed that he would like his successor to be Judge Frank Easterbrook, 67, who has served on the  Chicago-based Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals since 1985.

“If there is one other judicial name associated with the two principal theories of this book— textualism and originalism — it is Frank Easterbrook,” Scalia said in discussing his 2012 book Reading Law. “If I had to pick somebody to replace me on the Supreme Court, it would be Frank.”

“This book is a great event in American legal culture,” Easterbrook wrote in his foreword to the book, according to Western Journalism. “Every lawyer–and every citizen concerned about how the judiciary can rise above politics and produce a government of laws, and not of men–should find this book invaluable.”

We can only hope that this starts a movement to respect Scalia’s wishes, and get Easterbrook on the Supreme Court. SHARE this story if you agree!

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