Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Alzheimer’s is well known as a debilitating disease that robs a person of life and dignity. While there isn’t a cure for Alzheimer’s, doctors have a better chance of treating it if it’s detected early.

A new test that anyone can take right at home might make new changes in early detection.

University of Florida graduate student Jennifer Stamps developed this test which relies on smell sensitivity. People with Alzheimer’s have decreased sensitivity in their left nostril. And people with Alzheimer’s can lose their ability to smell before memory issues present.

So, Stamp uses peanut butter, since it has a strong odor. Using a ruler and holding one nostril, measure at what distance you can smell the peanut butter.

It is hopeful this test will help speed up diagnoses. It is cheap and easy to administer. It is still being researched but it has a lot of promise.

Researchers at The Ohio State University are working on another cheap and easy test for Alzheimer’s.

A simple test with a pen and paper is showing significant promise at helping target early detection.

These non invasive and inexpensive tests will prove important. As Baby Boomers age, a dramatic rise in Alzheimer’s is predicted. And with early detection and treatment being so important, these tests are incredibly important.

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H/T: IJ Review

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