Friday, February 26, 2016

Minutes before the GOP debate started, something was caught on camera that has liberals everywhere furious.

According to Western Journalism, former President George Herbert Walker Bush and his wife, Barbara, attended the event together at the University of Houston. The 91 year-old former president was filmed being wheeled into the event in his wheelchair, and his entrance did not go unnoticed.

“… he was … met with a thunderous response following his entrance to the hall,” reported Chris Tognotti on Bustle. “It probably rung to the room as a slightly melancholy moment, given that Jeb was forced to drop out before making it to Super Tuesday, but it was clearly a joyful moment for the partisan crowd as well.”

Liberals have done everything they can to make it look like the American public hates the Bush family. However, the applause was so deafening that even the CNN anchors couldn’t ignore it, and they called the reaction “astounding.”

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