Friday, February 5, 2016

It’s been a rough few months for country music star Miranda Lambert.

After her divorce from husband Blake Shelton, Miranda then had to watch him quickly get in a new relationship with his fellow The Voice judge Gwen Stefani. Many have accused Blake of being insensitive to Miranda by shamelessly flaunting his new relationship in front of the media.

After months of being alone, however, Miranda has finally found a new boyfriend in singer Anderson East, and she’s getting some revenge on Blake by flaunting her new relationship on social media. According to Inquisitr, Miranda has even hinted that she and Anderson are penning new songs together as a country music couple.

“Weekend well spent. @andersoneast,” Miranda wrote in the caption of her new Instagram photo. “#writin’ #singin’ #overallsandbeer #pencilandpaper #thecountry #weekendsoff #recharging #tennessee.”


Sources close to Miranda say she is very happy with her new boyfriend.

“Anderson is a complete gentleman! Miranda gets butterflies with Anderson,” an insider said. “He is a wonderful guy with an amazing personality. Miranda loves his sense of humor and his love for music. They have many things in common.”


Despite her new relationship, however, Miranda is not completely over Blake.

“The tears are long gone. Miranda seeing Blake having his relationship with Gwen out in the open has eventually become more of a healing process for her,” revealed the source. “At first she thought he was flaunting it, but it has come to a point where she sees he is just moving on and that is exactly what she should be doing herself.”

“If Blake has a child with Gwen or gets married to Gwen, that will hit a little hard,” added the source.

We’re glad to see that Miranda has found love again. Hopefully she can continue to heal from her breakup with Blake, and move on with her life!

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