Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Nick Wheeler and Aimee Miaden recently got married. The couple love each other very much. When Nick joined the military, the got engaged.

They thought they knew everything about each other and then Aimee saw one of Nick’s old photos. It was a picture of Nick as a child playing with his friends at the beach. But, what is in the background came as a surprise.


Aimee was right behind Nick playing at the beach too! And 11 years later, these two would be engaged! They recently got married not very far from where their first picture was taken. Before their wedding day, they returned to the exact spot to get a picture together.

Aimee Miaden, Nick Wheeler

Pictures are such an important part of our lives. This couple made a terrific discovery looking at their old pictures. But, another couple might still be in search of theirs.

As you can see in the video below, a memory stick loaded with professional pictures from a wedding was found. They are probably heartbroken to have lost their photos. Do you know the couple in the pictures?

Have you ever discovered something interesting in your old pictures? Please share your experiences.


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