Friday, February 26, 2016

The Pennsylvania State Police Department, along with a group of forensic anthropologists, exhumed the 90-year-old grave of teen Thomas Curry on Tuesday.

According to reports, they wanted to exhume the coffin and corpse in order to determine the true cause of Curry’s death. What they found inside was truly chilling…

The investigators found the casket. Upon opening it they found… Nothing. No body, no skeleton, nothing. All that they found were pieces of wood, which were likely put there to provide weight and make it feel as though there were a body inside. Anthropologist Erin Kimmerle said, “Wood. Layers of pieces of wood. It was completely filled with wooden planks.”

Curry was a resident at the Arthur G. Dozier School of Boys in Florida. The school has become infamous for murder and abuse. Hundreds of men have come forward with stories of disturbing abuse, and the school finally shut down for good in 2009.

According to AWM:

Former students recall beatings, torture, and “boy hunts” where armed guards chased boys through the woods.

When Kimmerle, professor at a Florida university got involved, she learned that the iron-pipe, makeshift grave behind the school had 55 graves – nearly double the reported deaths.

To help identify bodies, Kimmerle followed Curry’s trail. He was reportedly shipped back to Pennsylvania to be buried by his family after he died under suspicious circumstances in 1925.

The boy died 29 days after arriving at the school and was “killed on RR Bridge Chattahoochee, Florida.” When a death certificate said Curry suffered a crushed skull injury from an “unknown cause,” they decided to exhume his body.

State Police Cpl. Tom McAndrew said, “Something was shipped up from Florida, and it was buried, and someone believed it was Thomas Curry.” McAndrew said he thinks it was a cover up for something sinister.

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