Friday, February 5, 2016

When a former Marine decided to become a bank robber, he started living the outlaw life of a criminal on the run. For five years, he managed to evade both the police and the FBI, but when he was finally caught, nobody was expecting to find this…

According to AWM, Bradley Robinett had been on the run since 2009 when he was finally caught in 2014. When he was interrogated by the authorities, he admitted that he had underground lairs in the woods just East of Seattle. Footage of these lairs can be seen in the video below this story.

As a government trained survivalist, Robinett was able to live on his own in the wild for years. When the FBI finally found his underground lairs, they came upon a sight that was anything but pretty. Inside it were 15-20 large sealed bins along with a supply of plastic bags, soda, sneakers, and an unconfirmed stash of jewelry and weapons.

Take a look inside the bunker in the video below. Could you live in a place like this for years? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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