Thursday, February 11, 2016

Sadie Robertson isn’t shy about being a Christian. She wears her Christianity on her sleeve and leads by example in charitable work.

She has partnered up with Roma to give poor children throughout the world rain boots. Children with nothing need shoes and boots to protect their feet. And Sadie recently went to Guatemala to give children rain boots.

amazing trip. amazing people. amazing God. ❤️ (Guatemala) 12.22.15

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Sadie is grateful to have the opportunity to go on mission trips to share her Christian faith and help others in need.

“For me, going on a mission trip is what truly changed my life because it gave me a different view of the world, my life, how good I have it and how faithful I should be. I think it’s important for people to go out and see how bad others have it, how good you have it and the ways you can help them,” Robertson told Christian Post. “I think it’s really important to help and to give back so you can view people as your neighbor and love them as your neighbor. I think glorifying God is something that people think they can only do during good times in their life whenever they’re receiving all of these blessings, but that’s not really the case.”

Sadie has done so much and she’s still in high school. She has a lot of potential to positively affect a lot of lives. But, she also has some goals for her personal life. She told Entertainment Tonight how she has dreams to have a big family of her own someday. You can see that interview below.

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H/T: CNS News

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