Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Conservatives everywhere were furious on Sunday night after Beyonce shamelessly used her Super Bowl halftime show to slam our nation’s police officers. Now, however, it has been revealed that America’s sheriff’s have teamed up to let Beyonce know exactly what they think about her anti-cop show.

On Sunday night, Beyonce performed her new anti-police song “Formation” as she was flanked by dancers dressed as the violent Black Panther party. What Beyonce did not know is that the National Sheriffs’ Association was watching the game together at a Washington D.C. conference, and they were not happy to see what she did.

According to Mad World News, the cops responded to this anti-police performance by turning the sound off on their monitor as Beyonce performed. They then all stood up and turned their backs to the television as a show of defiance against Beyonce’s disrespectful song.

The music video for “Formation” shows cops targeting young black men in the South as images of graffiti that reads “stop shooting us” flashes on the screen. Beyonce seems to be forgetting the fact that she depends on American police officers to keep her safe from her millions of crazed fans everyday. We’ll see how much cops want to protect Beyonce now…

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