Thursday, February 18, 2016

A recent NBC/WSJ poll has a new leader in the Republican primary. Donald Trump has fallen to second place in the latest nationwide poll. Ted Cruz now leads the pack in this race to the White House.

The poll was conducted after Saturday night’s GOP slugfest debate. Cruz currently has 28 percent of Republican primary voters favoring him, while Trump gets 26 percent. Marco Rubio is in third with 17 percent, John Kasich at 11 percent, Ben Carson at 10 percent and Jeb Bush at 4 percent.

The nomination is based on delegates, not popular vote. This poll was released right before Saturday’s South Carolina primary. Trump is still holding strong in first place right before the first primary in the south.

Trump and Cruz have been feuding. The two previously had a friendly relationship. They even campaigned together. Cruz was tweeting in support of his “friend” Donald Trump just a couple months ago. Cruz and other politicians predicted that Trump’s support would have waned before voting began. Many believe Cruz was preemptively courting Trump’s supporters who would be looking for a new candidate after the real estate mogul left the race.

But, now the two aren’t friendly – at all. Trump even sent a cease and desist letter to Cruz’s campaign demanding that the junior Senator from Texas pull attack ads against Trump. He also threatened to file a lawsuit challenging Cruz’s eligibility to be president, given that Cruz was born in Canada.

Cruz has been accused by many pundits of lying. TV stations in South Carolina even pulled an attack ad against Marco Rubio from Cruz’s Super PAC after a legal review regarding the truth in the ad. Now, with Cruz overtaking Trump, expect more mud to be slung. And some of it is likely to end up on Cruz.

If another poll supports Cruz being in the lead, expect Trump to hit back hard. As other candidates drop out of the race, there will also be a reshuffling of support as those voters identify their new choice.

Who do you think will be the GOP nominee? Please share your prediction.

H/T: Right Wing News


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