Tuesday, February 23, 2016

James Issac is a young boy with autism. His service dog, Mahe, has made a tremendous impact on his life. Mahe keeps James safe and also calms him. They have quite a bond.

therapy dog

James recently had to go to the hospital for an MRI. The young boy suffers from seizures, so he needed some extra testing. James was nervous, but thankfully, the hospital allowed Mahe to accompany him.

therapy dog

Mahe stayed with James, even as the youngster was being administered anesthesia. The look of concern on his face is so touching. The dog is genuinely worried.

therapy dog

Mahe provided comfort and support to his little boy by staying with James.

therapy dog

Service dogs can be so helpful to children with autism. The dogs provide unconditional support and love to the kids no matter what. A relationship with a service dog can help them improve eye contact and verbal skills and help promote more independence and confidence.

A school for autistic children in Cleveland is using a rescue dog as a service dog. The dog is helping kids meet their milestones. The video below is sure to make you smile!

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H/T: Sunny Skyz

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